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Mons Custodia
Mons Custodia is the name of the land inside The Crown of Mountain, a land both protected and sheltered from the outside world by the mountains surrounding it.

Map of Mons Custodia

Eclipsia is known as The Capital City of Capital Cities and is the main trading city of Mons Custodia, as well as the biggest city there is. It’s located in the very middle of the land, more or less surrounding The Full Moon Lake.

The Fullmoon Lake
The Fullmoon Lake got its name from its perfectly round shape, and how the fullmoon will rise to mirror itself at it center. It is also known as “The Mother of All Rivers”.

The Great War
300 years ago, a great war ravaged the lands of Mons Custodia for 5 full years that would be known as “The Years of Blood”.

The Bad Lands
On the other side of the mountains that are not boarding towards the sea, you find The Bad Lands. Not many knows exactly what is there – it’s not even drawn out on most maps, but it’s common knowledge that most who travel there won’t come back.

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