The Golden Scrolls

One day, 5 adventurers, adventurers who had never seen each other and none who were anyone much “special” or seemingly “important”, wakes up to find a magical golden scroll placed by their head. A scroll that promise adventure, treasures, fame and dreams to come true for its receivers, but first they must travel to Eclipsia, and there they must find an inn by the name “The Dancing Cat”…

In the land of Mons Custodia there have been peace for nearly 300 years since most Evil folks were driven out to The Bad Lands during The Great War. Many lives were lost during this war that went on for 5 full years that would be known as the Years of Blood.

After the war finally ended, the city Eclipsia was formed as a symbol of peace. It was built around the nearly perfectly round Fullmoon Lake in the middle of Mons Custodia, the mother of all rivers.

Eclipsia would soon come to become The Capital City of Capital Cities and the wealthy, main trading city of all of Mons Custodia. Here all races would live in peace, side by side, most with their own representatives in the city’s government.

Now more, only few of the Elven folks are still old enough to remember the blood bath that took place 300 years ago…

Only they, and the Wizard of North and Witch of South. The mysterious, wise magicians who has for many lifetimes, longer than anyone can remember watched over Mons Custodia, guarding and guiding its people… Alas, they’ve not been seen or heard of for nearly 10 years, and nobody quite knows why, only that the government has slowly grown more corrupted since they left.

That aside, the latest hundreds of years has been fairly uneventful, aside from few tribal wars between orcs and plundering of small villages, but change is in the air…

The Golden Scrolls

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